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Exciter SIELCO EXC 30 GT/ S, Stereo Coder has a good chance that the sound produced / ON AIR in the wider sound ( stereo) , audio is transmitted does not degrade quality, so LOW, MID and HIGH Frequency Audio sounds more clearly ( CD Quality Sound) .

EXC 30GT model is the 30W exciter of the innovative GT family produced by Sielco. It is appreciated for the great efficiency and versatility due to three main reasons: LIGHT weight, MINIMUM size and LOW consumption. To buy an EXC 30GT, as anyone other model of the GT line, means to make a winning choice, to enjoy all the relevant advantages during all the life of the product and to spare money: less transport costs, less needed space to install it and the lowest energy consumption during the work. EXC 30GT is simple to set up: very easy to configure thanks to the intuitive human interface equipped with an elegant LCD graphic display, a multifunction jog control and only a few other control buttons. The high flexibility of this exciter could be even increased through the use of important options like: telemetry/ remote control systems through GSM net, Ethernet connection with SNMP protocol, high quality stereo encoder, audio digital board in accordance with AES/ EBU directive and RS232/ 485 serial port to enable an easier integration with other instruments. The modern and attractive design of our GT transmitters reflects the state-of-the-art technology of this trustworthy model that requires a few maintenance and that allows to spare time and money. For all product life.


Frequency range from 87, 5 to 108 MHz
FM modulation 75 KHz peak deviation ( adjustable)
Audio and Mpx input level from -3, 5 to + 12, 5 dBm @ 75 KHz deviation
Auxiliary input channel level
SCA from -12, 5 to + 3, 5 dBm @ 7, 5 KHz deviation
RDS from -24 to -8 dBm @ 2 KHz deviation
Modulation distortion 75 KHz deviation 76 dB, 86 typical
CCIR > 75 dB, 81 typical
S/ N ratio, stereo
30÷ 20000Hz > 72 dB, 77 typical
CCIR > 68 dB, 72 typical
Audio channels frequency response 30÷ 15000 Hz ± 0.1 dB
Pre-emphasis time constant 25/ 50/ 75 ! s selectable
Rated RF output power 30W
Transmitter tuning steps 10/ 100 KHz
Output power ALC stability ± 3%
Harmonic and spurious emissions < 70dB ( harmonic) , < 80 dBc ( spurious)
RF output connector N
Power supply
Single phase 230 VAc + 10 -20%
Three phase N.A.
Total consumption 85W
Operative temperature range
suggested from 0 to 35 ° C
extreme from -10 to + 50 ° C max ( with derating)
Relative humidity up to 95% not condensing
Dimensions ( WxHxD) 483x88x375 mm
Weight 5kg